Let us help you get your business started.

There are many steps to ensuring you get your business started
correctly.  First, let us help you evaluate your ideas.  We'll help you
determine if there's a market for your business.

Then, you'll have to choose your business structure.  Whether you
want to be a sole proprietor, a partnership, corporation, or limited
liability company, we'll go over the advantages and disadvantages
of each.  We'll file all paperwork necessary in obtaining licenses
and permits needed, as well as registering with local and federal

After this, we'll help set up a bookkeeping system.  Just use a
separate check book and bank account for your business. Use a
columnar check register with several "headed up" columns and
distribute the amount of each check written to the proper columns.
List your deposits on the check register and carry across a
continuous bank balance.

We'll also help you to decide if you need to hire employees or not.
Some businesses require no additional manpower, others do.  We'll
take care of all your
payroll needs.   

Finally, we're always here to help you.  Whenever you have a
question, just
contact us and we'll help with whatever questions you


George A Dergham & Associates
New Business Start - Up
Our Mission
At Dergham & Associates, we pride
ourselves on building business
relationships by doing the right
thing, working with clients, while
maintaining professional integrity.
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